Hey, I’m Rosie, a London based food obsessed blogger.

Brioche & Bear is a blog dedicated to my favourite recipes. Mostly the kind that involve copious amounts of butter and sugar.

Some things about me:

  • I live in Chiswick, West London. I love it, but also hoping to move back to live near the sea asap! Dreaming of a more chilled life where I have a dog and take it for walks on the beach every day.
  • I love pretty much all food. Fom the more acquired taste things like olives & brussells sprouts. To the things aimed at 5 year olds like cheap white chocolate and fish fingers
  • Some of my favourite foods/ ingredients/ flavours are: salted caramel, butternut squash, goats cheese, cinnamon, caramelised onions, cookie dough
  • Favourite drinks: gin, mulled wine (not together)
  • I’m super impatient and can’t wait for anything. So must of my recipes are fairly quick and easy, and don’t involve long waiting times. If you see anything more complicated on here, you can be sure it’ll be worth the wait!

Thanks so much for visiting my little internet space!